Welcome to a site dedicated to the love of spinning.


I am a spinner. And a knitter. I am learning how to weave. I dye when I need to. And I share my experiences by blogging, making videos and teaching.


I have been knitting since the mid -80’s and spinning since 2011. I specialize in the process from raw wool to a finished textile. I also have a deep interest in different kinds of spindles. I run a spinning blog and post spinning videos on my YouTube channel. I teach intermediate spinning in Sweden and online.

Posts, videos and online courses

In the blog I write mostly about spinning, from both a technical and more of a philosophical perspective. Spinning does so much for me and I like to investigate the spinning process in my blog posts.

My youtube videos are both instructional and documentary style videos. I hope you find something you like.

In my online school I offer courses to intermediate and advanced spinners.

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Articles and patterns

Every now and then I write for spinning magazines:


Welcome to a blog dedicated to the love of spinning.


This weekend I live streamed a webinar – a breed study of the Swedish breed Jämtland sheep from the spinner’s perspective. Webinars are powerful tools to meet and share information and skills. Today I invite you to my studio and the making of a breed study webinar. Webinar content creation A webinar is a seminar or other …

Spinning at work

I always bring some textile craft to work for coffee breaks and meetings. Usually knitting or nalbinding, but lately I have been spinning at work with a suspended spindle. The people around me have very different approaches to my spinning and I enjoy responding to people’s reactions. Spinning as a safe space Spinning is a …


Come visit my YouTube channel! I make videos about spinning and wool processing in both documentary and instructional style.