Welcome to a site dedicated to the love of spinning.


I am a spinner. And a knitter. I am learning how to weave. I dye when I need to. And I share my experiences by blogging, making videos and teaching.


I have been knitting since the mid -80’s and spinning since 2011. I specialize in the process from raw wool to a finished textile. I also have a deep interest in different kinds of spindles. I run a spinning blog and post spinning videos on my YouTube channel. Find out more about my video making process in an article in Spin-off Magazine. I teach intermediate spinning in Sweden.

Posts, videos and online courses

In the blog I write mostly about spinning, from both a technical and more of a philosophical perspective. Spinning does so much for me and I like to investigate the spinning process in my blog posts.

My youtube videos are both instructional and documentary style videos. I hope you find something you like.

In my online school I offer courses to intermediate and advanced spinners.

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Welcome to a blog dedicated to the love of spinning.

Washing fleece

Several people have asked me about how I scour my fleece. The truth is: I don’t. I do soak it, though. In this post of washing fleece I will dive deep into the washtub in search of clean fleece. Scouring or soaking? First of all, let’s get the terminology straight. I wash my fleece by …

Sisters in craft

Last weekend the 2019 wool journey with the wool traveling club took place. Four sisters in craft went to a sheep farm and hired a well renowned Swedish spinning teacher for two days. The wool traveling club The wool traveling club started in 2014. I felt a need to meet with other spinners and learn …

Gotland top

I have nothing educational to offer you in today’s blog post. Instead I show you my latest finished fluff to stuff project – a Gotland top in my own design and handspun yarn from the Gotland sheep Sounnie. Background Those of you who have followed my blog the last few months have seen the wool …


Come visit my YouTube channel! I make videos about spinning and wool processing in both documentary and instructional style.