Welcome to a site dedicated to the love of spinning.


I am a spinner. And a knitter. I am learning how to weave. I dye when I need to. And I share my experiences by blogging, making videos, learning and teaching.


I have been knitting since the mid -80’s and spinning since 2011. I specialize in the process from raw wool to a finished textile. I also have a deep interest in different kinds of spindles. I run a spinning blog and post spinning videos on my YouTube channel. I teach intermediate spinning in Sweden and online. I also consider myself a student of spinning – every day I learn something new.

Posts, videos and online courses

In the blog I write mostly about spinning, from both a technical and more of a philosophical perspective. Spinning does so much for me and I like to investigate the spinning process in my blog posts.

My youtube videos are both instructional and documentary style videos. I hope you find something you like.

In my online school I offer courses to intermediate and advanced spinners.

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Articles and patterns

Every now and then I write for spinning magazines:


Welcome to a blog dedicated to the love of spinning.

Shearing day

Last week I presented the wool from the Swedish conservation breed Gestrike sheep. All the Gestrike fleeces I have come from Claudia Dillmann’s flock. I was invited to Claudia a couple of weeks ago on shearing day. There is still time to register for today’s breed study webinar on Gestrike wool! Rules and practice Before …

Gestrike wool

One of the ten Swedish conservation sheep breeds is Gestrike sheep. Today’s blog post and an upcoming breed study webinar are all about Gestrike wool. This is my tenth breed study. Previous breed studies have been about Gotland wool, Gute wool, Dalapäls wool, Värmland wool, Jämtland wool, finull wool, rya wool, Klövsjö wool (blog post …


What is your default yarn? Mine would be a 2-ply fingering, on rare occasions sport weight yarn. Today I spin way out of my comfort zone. With the slowness of a floor supported Navajo style spindle I do my best to approach a bulky yarn. Snow shoveling pants A while ago I wrote a review …


Come visit my YouTube channel! I make videos about spinning and wool processing in both documentary and instructional style.