Spindle case giveaway!

In September I made a spindle case from needle punch felt I had left from my shopping trolley makeover. I really liked the design and decided to make some more. Now you have the opportunity to win one of three handmade spindle cases in a spindle case giveaway!

A wool tube
Spindle case giveaway! Photo by Dan Waltin.

All you have to do is fill out the form and you are in the giveaway. If you have a spindling friend, make sure to share this post with them!

Entry has closed.

Important: When you submit the form you will be asked to confirm your subscription (check your spam filter if you don’t get the confirmation email). Do that, otherwise I won’t be able to contact you if you win. One entry per person.

The giveaway closes at January 26th at 10 am CET (world clock here). Winners are announced as soon as possible after that.

Craft and design by me


I wanted to make a case that would protect my spindles. When I saw the needle punch felt I realized that the material would be a very good candidate for spindle protection. It is made with wool from Swedish sheep, probably mostly Gotland.

Close-up of a woolen tube with a woven logo label.
Design by Josefin Waltin. Photo by Dan Waltin.

The case is designed as a simple tube with a bottom and a lid. The lid is attached to the tube so you won’t lose it. The lid closes with a loop and an enamelled cork button.

Close-up of a woolen tube with a lid
Simple closing with a loop and button. Photo by Dan Waltin.

A strap is attached to the case for easy hanging on a hook, your wrist or in your belt for fast spindle access.

A woolen tube hanging on a branch.
A loop to hang your case in. Photo by Dan Waltin.

Inside, the case is lined with decadently pink silk. Not only is it pretty, it also makes it possible to store fiber in it without having the fiber stick to the inside of the case.

A woolen spindle case
A woolen spindle case for your precious spindles. Photo by Dan Waltin.

Inside the case there is a loose wool disc. If you store a small spinning bowl in the bottom of the case, you can put the wool disc on top of the bowl to protect the spindle tip.

You can store more than one spindle in the case. If you store fiber in the case it will help protect the spindle. You can also fit in a hand distaff if it is not too long.


Every seam is hand sewn by me. Apart from the store bought thread for the silk lining, all the sewing yarn is my own handspun (Shetland). The closing loop for the lid is also my handspun. It is the cabled yarn I won a bronze medal for at the 2017 Swedish spinning championships.

The case is about 34 cm/13″ high with a diameter of about 10 cm/4″.

Three woolen spindle cases hanging on a tree branch.
One of three handmade spindle cases can be yours! Photo by Dan Waltin.

Happy spinning!

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