Plying in Mongolia

Next in our journey around the spinning world is Mongolia. I found this wonderful clip of a woman singing and plying in a Mongolian yurt.

The spindle and the technique looks similar to the ones in Nepal I wrote about a couple of weeks ago. The spindle is quite long with a top whorl and she starts the spinning by rolling it against her thigh. She looks quite happy and, frankly, so would I, spinning in the coziness of a yurt.

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  1. I need help in unraveling this mystery. My sister-in-law sent me this lovely wooden sculpture of a seated mother and child with what appears to be a spinner; it actually has a thread coming out of the end of the conical shape. She found it in a thrift shop and it made her think of me… does you know the country of origin (I’m thinking Mongolia???) and how the spinning contraption works? I have photos I could share with you but don’t know Hiw to attach them here.

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