I have a lot of things going on at the moment and I can’t seem to finish any of them. I get inspired by so many things. Even if I am a very structured person I sometimes find it hard to focus on finishing one idea.

Last week I took you along on a rescue operation of a capsized spinning project. Today I will give you a glimpse of my pile of unfinisheds. Perhaps it will give me some perspective and actually finish some of them.

A creative wave

I’m in the middle of a creative wave. I want to craft and design, but when I need to structure my thoughts in numbers and charts that I don´t master yet the wave dies off. I start another project. It’s like the wave flushes over me and then leaves me with the mess it has caused.

Creativity works exponentially for me at the moment. Ideas pop up in my head like little stars, poking me and winking for my attention. I feel bad when I don’t listen to them, they are all my babies. But when there are many ideas my head gets blurry and nothing comes out of it.

But all the while I have lots of unfinished projects I am convinced that good will come out of it. For me and for you. I like to see it as a step in a learning process that I need to take. It is a large and demanding step, but I need to take it in order to be able to move forward.

Here are some of my unfinished projects and ideas.

The sleeve pile

Miscellaneous unfinished sleeves. Well, two of them are actually finished by now, but still. Why is it so hard to finish sleeves? All the yarn in the picture is my handspun with the exception of the turquoise.

Can we talk about sleeves? What’s their problem? Really, I mean they are practical and all that, but they are so uninteresting to both knit and design. It’s like they place themselves on top of a creative wave like a damp cloth and smothers it.

To prevent the project from collapsing completely I usually knit both sleeves at the same time. But since I have so many projects going on I don’t have enough knitting needles! How’s that for an irony?

The never-ending chair pads

A loom with a Gordian knots weaving project
My rya chair pads are coming along slowly. Perhaps we can sit on them for the holidays?

A few weeks ago I showed you the rya chair pads I’m making from handspun stashed yarns and thrums. I was thrilled in the beginning, seeing my stashed-away thrums get new life between the warp threads. The process of making the knots is meditative. But there are a lot of knots. I’m on my third pad (I warped for eight) and I’m so looking forward to sitting on them. But they are still very much unfinished.

Yoke ripping

A new yoke is sprouting. Started three four times, still unfinished.

I started a new sweater design (after actually having finished one). Once I have a project envisioned in my head my hands itch to start. It’s like I can’t wait to shape my new idea between my hands. But when creativity moves faster than reason things can go awry. I’m not sure I have enough yarn to start with. The sleeves may have to suffer. The design is still unfinished. I started it three four times, though!

All the numbers

A woman sitting by a computer. A knitting pattern book on a book stand is on the table. An autumn tree is reflecting in the computer screen.
Pattern making is a long, but rewarding process. Frustrating at times, but I learn a lot.

I’m learning pattern making. It is so exciting and I’m getting to know the process a little more every day. For every new piece of the puzzle I get acquainted with my understanding of knitting design deepens. But it is so difficult! So many things to think about, so many calculations to make and so frustrating when I miss one tiny step and I have to go back two. Still, somehow it is moving forward. Slowly but steadily.

Unfinished online business

I am also working on course material, videos and webinars for you. These things do take their time, especially since my boss (me) is very demanding. They will be finished one day, and they will be good. Just not yet.

I’m not sure this post is properly finished

Happy spinning!

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9 Replies to “Unfinished”

  1. At the moment I am with you. I am learning, with your wonderful course, supported spinning and have achieved 20@g roughly of 4ply but can’t move forward until I have 400g.
    I had to stop knitting a jumper because 2 grandchildren wanted scarves.
    Now I don’t have enough yarn for the jumper so I will have to frog it and knit a vest etc etc etc. Very frustrating.

  2. I always have UFOs (unfinished objects) sneaking into corners and popping up again. I agree that those are very much part of the creative process.
    Two sayings have helped me feel not bad about them. The first is: ” Doing anything well always seems to take forever.” It’s not me! It’s that it actually takes a lot of time. Ideas are thought up so much faster than turning them into reality!
    The second one is: “As a mother, you still get to do it all. Just not all at the same time…”
    Plus, the whole doing things well thing seems to apply to mothering as well. Takes bloody forever! 😉
    And any post that ends with “Happy spinning” is complete in my eyes. You finished all your sentences, too, so no dangling ends either.

  3. I believe that kind of working and flow is very common among craft people. You have to test things, and the wave you talk about is exhausting. It gives you almost no time at all to process things in your mind. That’s why you can’t immediately finish projects, they need their time. Sometimes it was just testing, the idea wasn’t good enough, or it wasn’t the right time for it. I experience that all the time. I’ve learned to live with it, but it took me some decades.

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