Auction for Ukraine

Earlier this week I had a blogger’s block. I asked on Instagram and on my Facebook page for suggestions for upcoming blog posts. I got lots of brilliant ideas that I have collected on a list for upcoming posts. One of the suggestions beat all of the others, though. My friend Anna suggested a fundraising auction for Ukraine.

The second Anna suggested this I knew it was the right thing to do. All the other suggestions are truly wonderful and I thank you all from the bottom of my woolly heart. But a fundraising auction is the right thing to do now.

A gold medalist embroidery yarn

The object of the auction is an embroidery yarn. The skein isn’t very big, 34 grams and 79 meters. I spun the yarn on a suspended spindle from combed locks of Swedish Leicester wool, a very shiny wool with almost only outercoat fibers. The wool comes from a farm whose owner has received numerous medals in the Swedish fleece championships for her high quality fleeces.

34 grams and 79 meters of god medal winning Swedish Leicester embroidery yarn.

The interesting thing about the yarn is that I spun it for the Swedish spinning championships of 2020 and won the gold medal for. You can read more about the yarn, how I prepared and spun it here.

A gold medal winning yarn can be yours!

Auction for Ukraine

Here’s how it works: I won’t be using an auction platform, I’ll just run the auction here and starting now. You make your bid in Euro in the comments section below. The deadline is on International women’s day, Tuesday March 8th at 5 pm CET (world clock here). After that I will find the highest bid and let the winner know. They will pay me via PayPal and I will donate the money plus my own donation to the Swedish UNHCR straight away. After that I will send the yarn to the winner.

Please share this post. If you don’t get the highest bid and the yarn prize, please consider making your bid a donation to reliable organizations for Ukraine instead. Or make another auction to raise money for a good cause.

Thank you sweet Anna for your brilliant suggestion. This is the right thing to do.

Happy bidding!

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21 Replies to “Auction for Ukraine”

  1. Even though I was outbid I will send you my bid amount to add to the donation. I love that you are doing this!

  2. Hi Josefin,
    That is very exciting!
    I did not expect to win, but even so I already had a plan : )
    My first grandchild will arrive in only a few months now, I will embroider a warm blanket for her with your yarn.
    I would love to hear ideas on what would be a good and beautiful symbol of hope to base the motif on… an apt flower symbol or something traditional and strong.
    Of course there will be pictures…
    Kind regards,

    1. Your grandchild will have a very warm welcome to the world. I’m thinking a local flower or tree. Roots firmly in the ground and branches and leaves discovering the world. I’m looking forward to the pictures!

      I have now transferred your 200 € together with the 150 € from Sara and an additional 100 € from me tot the Swedish UNHCR: 450 € or 4832 sek.

      Thank you again for your generous bid!

  3. Hi Sarah,
    We should make a difference now!
    Thank you for organising this Josefin, and for donating your beautiful work on International Womens’s Day.
    Best wishes to all the lovely knitters (of all genders) who are silently praticipating in this effort!
    Paypal says you have the bid, so if you don’t see it very soon, contact me!
    Kindest regards,

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