It is easy to write stuff online and make it look good. You just write, press enter and it’s there for anyone to read. It is like we think that the publishing in itself gives the content credibility. But that is not how things work and I work very hard to be credible in what I publish.

In this post I reflect over credibility and my responsibility as a blogger and spinner.


Publishing with just the press of a button is a freedom that wasn’t available two decades ago. With that freedom comes responsibility, as a reader and as a writer. I talk to my children about this all the time. Where did you get this information? Is it credible? What do other sources say?

Responsible blogging

As a blogger with lots of followers (yay!) I have a big responsibility when I create my content. Even more so now that I have a business and an online school. I need to have my facts ready. If I don’t, I need to say so and back it up with any other evidence I can find, argue for my case and make the process transparent for my readers.

Mostly I end up showing you all the steps of the process. That is, my process. I can only vouch for how I do things – I am very good at showing you successful projects, all edited and polished. I will step outside of my comfort zone and show you some not so successful projects as well, I promise.


Feeling a responsibility to share my process has helped me a great deal in my development as a spinner and teacher. Not only do I learn by crafting my thoughts in writing, I also learn by testing, sampling and swatching in a way I definitely din’t before. The simple reason is that I didn’t use to test, sample and swatch. I went through the whole process, but didn’t really reflect over why I did things and why I chose one way over the other.

Handspun yarn, Gotland wool
A sweet ball of handspun yarn from Swedish Gotland wool

It is only for the past six months that I have truly investigated the wool’s properties and abilities in search for the superpowers of a fleece and take advantage of them. At first, to be really thorough and present all my choices along the way. But now I can’t un-know the benefits of testing, sampling and swatching and I do it by default. And it is a beautiful thing.

A learning adventure

I learn so much from these adventures of investigation! By reflecting and analyzing I get to know the wool and its properties even more. The connection between the parts of the process becomes so much clearer. I learn when things don’t work the way I had planned and I learn to be more creative in my search for the best way to spin a fleece.

In everything I do related to spinning, I think about how and why. And the blog is always present – I think about how I can make high quality content for you out of what I learn when I spin.

I thank you for that. If I hadn’t felt the responsibility to be transparent in my process I wouldn’t have learned all this. And I hope you learn as much as I do.

There are a lot of spinning things going on at the moment outside of the blog and I will try to keep a low profile here in the upcoming weeks. But you will definitely see more of me! Thank you for all the support, questions, inspiration and spinning love.

Happy spinning!

Josefin Waltin
Me, thinking about spinning. Photo by Dan Waltin.

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