When I post videos and blog posts I also write what tools and materials I use and the makers of them. Sometimes I write an entire post about a new tool that I have tried. In this I present the maker and the model and sometimes a review of the product.

I do not get paid for any of this. I don’t sell any products commercially. Nor is it my intention to.

I present the names of the makers and link to their web sites because I use their tools and I think they are good quality. I also do it because I know it is of interest to you. Many crafters in material sport craft are constantly looking for tools that feel good for them.

I am a crafter. I have – for the circumstances – a good-sized audience. If my using and presenting of tools from fellow crafters can influence fellow spinners to buy their tools I am happy for them. The spinning world is relatively small and we need to support each other.

If I should get some sort of a cooperation with a maker of spinning tools I will let you know.

Happy spinning!

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2 Replies to “Makers”

  1. So funny, just today my parcel from the Wow-Shop arrived (I have not opened it yet, it’s my treat for after I’ve finished a dayjob project I need to accomplish this week), and I so wished I could have mentioned that I only discovered them because you recommended them when I ordered the carded Sari silk so you might get something in return. I think that would not only be totally fine in your case but only fair (at least with larger companies). When I buy something from someone you recommended, I always mention I found them because of you (if I can, including the link where possible) so they have the chance to offer you some kind of thank you. You are giving so much, why shouldn’t you get something back from those who acutally make a profit when you work with their products and write about it? It’s pretty clear to me that your integrity never could be compromised anyway …

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