Unboxing day!

A couple of weeks ago I saw a spinning wheel in a Facebook spinning forum that I just fell in love with. Small, portable and with the option of a quill. I felt that this spinning wheel needed me. I am talking about the RoadBug from the Merlin Tree.


After a lot of thinking back and forth I decided that we needed each other. I am very reluctant to buying things from outside of Europe, due to shipping costs, taxes/custom fees and delayed deliveries. This wheel is made in the U.S. Sometimes I make exceptions, and this was such a time.

I ordered the wheel plus one extra bobbin, a quill and a tote bag and hoped that they would all arrive safely. Sometimes shipping from the U.S. has taken over a month. But to my big surprise it only took 11 days this time!

Fetching from the post office

I called my kids (who are home for the summer holidays) yesterday and today to check if the note from the post office had arrived, and today it had. I had brought extra baggage straps to fasten the box onto my bike rack. It was a big box, but I managed to fasten it and bike all the way home without injuries.

Unboxing and assembling

A big box with a spinning wheel

I made a short and very rough video with the unboxing. The assembling was quite easy and I think I understand how it works.

A person assembling a spinning wheel

I quickly tried spinning a hand-combed top I had. We still need to get to know each other, but I think we will get along fine!

Close-up of a spinning wheel
Test driving


I am really curious about the quill and I will investigate it as soon as I get some uninterrupted spinning time. Gotta get some carding done first!

A person spinning on a spinning wheel

Happy spinning!

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7 Replies to “Unboxing day!”

  1. Fun! I can’t quite tell, did you get the single or double treadle model of the RoadBug? I think from the out-of-box picture it looks like a DT. I know the Hitchhiker wheels have the reputation of being kind of noisy and fussy, but I am not familiar with the model you have. But considering how much (and how well!) you spin, I am sure you’ll find your way around it and make it work well for you. And I am interested in the quill too! Why not, longdraw can be fun

    1. I got the double tredle. The wheel is a bit wobbly, but I hope I can unwobble it somehow. I’ll make a post about the quill once we have got to know each other better.

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