Flow challenge

It’s that time of the year when I create a five-day challenge. This time I invite you to flow. In the Flow challenge you ge the opportunity to just be in the spinning without expectations.

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I have been thinking a long time about what my next five-day challenge should be. The first two have been very popular (nearly 1200 people have enrolled) and I have learned so much from your comments and questions. Even if they both have had elements of exploration and play, there has been a technical side to them too. The Flow challenge is all about your own process, and about letting it be what it is, right now, today.

A flow retreat

A challenge seems too rushed a word, but I still call it that as it is part of a tradition of annual five-day challenges. Feel free to look upon it as more of a retreat, though, with an invitation each day for five days. A journey inward, where you get to discover your relationship with fiber, preparation and spinning.

A goal and an un-goal

The purpose of the challenge is for you to explore your relationship with the wool and the process. The goal is an un-goal – to strive inwards and detach yourself from expectations and results.

You will get five text lessons over five days. Each lessons has a theme where I encourage you to strive inward and spin for the moment. In each lesson you will also get a task to work with at your skill level.

All lessons have a background, an example and an invitation. In some lessons I also give you links to further reading or things you can prepare for the next lesson, should you wish to. You decide how much you want to do and how much time you want to spend on each lesson, or invitation. The important thing is that you do this for yourself and no one else.

Requirements and material

You can take the challenge at any spinning level. This challenge is just about you and your process. To take part you will need

My spinning space.
  • a spinning tool of your choice – spindles, spinning wheel or e-spinner
  • wool preparation tool(s) of your choice – combs, cards, flicker.
  • (part of) a fleece, washed or unwashed
  • 15–30 minutes a day to work with the challenge
  • A space where you can work reasonably undisturbed
  • If you wish, pen and paper to take notes of your findings.

You are free to work with the lesson whenever you like and for as long as you like.

Your time, your space

The time and space you prepare is yours with yourself and with the wool. Give yourself time to be in the wool, to be in your hands and allow the wool to guide you. Give the time and the space as a gift to yourself and as a thank you to the wool for all it has to teach you.

Spend some time with your process.

I hope you enjoy the Flow challenge and that you learn something from exploring your process.

Enroll in the five-day Flow challenge here!

Happy spinning!

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